I just watched season 1 on DVD. It's a fucking excellent show, if you haven't seen it. I especially like Wild Bill's trash talk at the table- "You face looks like a cunt to me and when you run your cunt mouth it looks like a fucking cunt to me!" Classic.

I checked out the real Deadwood on the net and it appears to be quite the place for poker, with lots of tables and daily tournaments. Has anyone been there?


I tried to watch it a dozen times and I just couldn't stay into it. My brother and alot of my friends love it, but I'll take, Oz, Carnivale, Sopranos and Pornucopia all day over it.

deadwood is the best HBO drama after sopranos. oz is a closet romo show and carnavale and six feet under both suck.

HC, yo mama is a closet romo. And Carnivale is sic.

no need to get defensive just because your favorite show has male frontal nudity or romo sex every 5 minutes and the only "females" on the show are dudes in drag........

Watch you mouth call Tony Soprano's wife dude in drag

The order of HBO dramas goes:


Deadwood (very close second)


End of story, no more to say.

Then you didn't watch Sunday's Carnivale. I will put that shit next to any ANY hour of TV eva. IT was that good.


I thought deadwood was going to be a specialty beer.

Best tv shows eva:

1)Mork and Mindy
2)Baywatch Nights
3)Fox 'News'
5)Aerobics Oz Style

I havn't seen Carnivale yet but I hear good things. I actually saw about 10 minutes of it once and I thought it was weird/interesting.

Exaqtly right. Plus, in hi-def and surround, it's crazy