DEAF boy BULLIED at work

i volunteer at the local Boys and Girls club in my area and one of our jobs is to help some of the high school aged kids get jobs at local businesses around here


we have a few special needs and handicapped kids with us, in particular, this 1 boy, Luis, who happens to be deaf


he just moved here a couple of months from Peru to get medical treatment for a rare heart disease (on top of living life as a deaf person).. his English skills are limited but he is an amazingly great line cook and I was able to land him a job at a really nice country club in town working the kitchen


he's been doing amazingly well and adjusting to his new place of work


however, there is 1 particular employee at the club bullied this boy the other day during their lunch hour just bc he was "bigger" than Luis

1 of the kitchen employees was choking on a piece of food and Luis immediately rushes to grab him a cup of water in the food line so he could bring it to the chiking guy and wash it down

this 1 employee got angry at Luis and since Luis doesnt speak english and cannot hear a word anyone says to him (only sign language), this employee strted geting enraged and knocked Luis' cup of water out of his hand and intimidated Luis before walking away


the choking kitchen worker ended up getting rushed to the ER and is currently in critical condition

Luis has been at the hospital by his coworker's side but insists he does not want the bully employee to get in trouble...that' show kind hearted this Peruvian kid is


too bad nothing will happen to the bully employee though

Fucking knew this was going to be a Passive Jay spin.


Haven't read it yet, but I imagine it's amazing.

He should sue.



Did you capitalize all of the word “deaf” so he could hear it?  

Haha good spin. Made me laugh. 8/10.

Well done, Limbo.


9/10. Didn't even realize it was a spin.

4/10, simply for not mentioning the Pop Machine (which is an integral part of the orginal story) 


Im usually against spins, but I'll allow it.

Thanks guys


I try to stay away from outting an overly gay angle on my spins


Too overdone



I felt bullied after reading Passive Jay's description of the assault.



This was pretty good 

Ban all spins.

Disabled vs handicapped.