Had a smoking hot, best sex of my life girl with a slight hand tremor when she was exhausted or anxious. Unnoticeable unless you really looked for it. She casually mentioned her dad had the same thing and it was slightly worse with him aging. I didn’t want to take care of my wife’s tremor when she got old and didn’t want to potentially spoil my family lineage with that defect. Awesome girl. I think I might of broke her after ditching her. She abruptly moved a few hundred miles away and took a new job after the breakup for a fresh start.

One more. Briefly dated a girl who had wolf Parkinson’s white syndrome and would flip in and out of atrial fibrillation. She was in her 20s. Fuck that noise. I’m not signing up for a lifetime of cardiology appointments if I can knowingly prevent it. She had nipple piercings and was a freak in the bed though. Was a tough decision.

I bet a hand jammer from her nowadays is out of this world!


This was never a thing of mine, however a seed was planted. I dated this stripper named Kymber in Dallas a few years back. She was fun. She had a confederate flag in her bedroom, would try to avoid black customers when she was dancing, and she lived in a city called White Settlement lol

@clattymine you’re good :wink: