Dealing with soreness

Hey peeps. I just started training again after a four year layoff. I'm incredibly sore after training and am wondering if anyone has any tips on measures I can take to reduce the soreness, or rather speed up recovery time, ie hot bath, some kind of food, etc.



Glutamine Helps with absorption of protein which repairs muscle that are torn down after training. I guess you should take some protein as well.

Glutamine Glutamine Glutamine


rypani3, I meant MMA training.

Where can I get glutamine?

Thanks for the constructive replies.

For future reference I'd recomend pre-conditioning rather then just jumping right back into it. Before I began training again after a layoff. I started by doing grappling conditioning exercises every day leading up to my target day of begining. Hindu pushups, squats, and bridges and of course allot of stretching. Best way to prevent is to prepare.

If this post is intended for weight training. Same deal, just start with bodyweight exercises and light weights and work up gradually. No need to beat up and unprepared body.

Unfortueatly I can't avoid gaps in my training due to my current, screwed up schedule. So I have experienced this first hand. This is how I combatted it.

sodium bicarbonate and glutamine after training along with protien to repair muscles and glucose to aid protien absorbtion. (sodium bicarbonate is baking soda) Make a protien shake with 8 oz apple juice and 8 oz soy milk if you don't want to buy glucose tabs (if you have glucose tabs just use the soy milk) 1 heaping teaspoon glutamine, 1 heaping teaspoon baking soda, and at least 30 grams whey protien (use a mix of whey protien types ie. isolate, casenate, etc for a more steady stream of absorbtion and better nitrogen balance). And sleep alot if you can afford to.

Try using lube next time.


You can get Glutamine at GNC or anyother supplement store.

How much is it? How much do you take, etc. etc.

Tell us more.

GABA at night before bed. Helps ya sleep and relaxes the muscles. Pretty cheap too about 12-14 bucks at GNC

hot bath w/ epsom salts and vinegar. The salt reduces soreness and the vinegar helps get rid of the bruises faster.

light cardio or bodyweight exercises, stretching, etc, after training. Try all the supplements or whatever (I've always thought glucosamine sounded like complete bullshit, now it appears to have been proven to be complete bullshit...well, sort of...). But getting blood in the area and making yourself work a little does more than any of it. I have a sleep disorder which made me waaay more sore than even horribly out of shape clients I used to have. If you want my opinion, go for a swim, hot tub, hell even a friggin' TANNING BED. Just heat and movement. And stretch an hour or two before bed.

I think stretches that hit more muscles are better too for the same reason compound lifts are, stretching is horribly boring and makes you suicidal, so just get the shit over with as soon as possible. So I'll stretch my quad standing while grabbing a bar behind me to stretch my shoulders and pecs. Those playground looking cage thingies with all the different stretches on a chart ABSOLUTELY ROCK if you have access. My university weight room has one and I almost had sex with the thing the first time I used it. (And ironically, they probably market it under a different name for bizarre sex positions too)

Take a yoga or pilates class, you'll learn some stuff. If nothing less, you'll meet some third wave feminist hardbodies who like nasty, recreational sex. Unfortunately, you'll also have to stare at their fat ugly friends who, for some reason, always have to be in front of you...or god forbid, their MOMS...

And oh yeah, you'll get less sore the more your body remembers everything. So don't let pussytitis flare ups get out of control.