dealing with speed

In no-gi, I have problems controlling faster opponents especially when I am trying to prevent them from passing my open guard. They usually run Genki Sudo circles around me or do some crazy cart wheel to pass.

If they are running around to my right or clockwise, I do my best to butterfly hook their right leg with my left foot and try and underhook their right arm with my left arm. Sometimes I get the sweep, but sometimes I am out of range and they just pass anyway.

Any advice for better control? These speedy guys never get tired either! Thanks!

Besides that

Definately do not stay flat on your back. The moment he opens your guard, get up on him and grab one or both legs (like ZeSaku recommended). Or maybe you should experiment with the DeLaRiva guard (one leg hooking over his near leg).

Against quick guys, you have to make full use of your closed guard. Tired them out by attacking constantly from the closed guard. By the time they get out of your closed guard, you would've tired them down.

Thanks guys. I am doing all the above and I am successful against the bigger, stronger, slower guys.

With gi, I can slow down the fast guys a lot. It's no-gi where I have all the trouble. I'm experimenting with DLR, but not successful yet. Getting kneebarred all the time.

A lot of the times they get north south on me if they pass. If I go for the single and miss, I'll be face down in north south.

I'll keep at it. Thanks for the help.

When you're doing DLR guard, are you hooking around the leg you wrapped over? Or are you hooking the other leg? Hooking the far leg leaves you vulnerable to knee bars, so you should try hooking the inner thigh of the wrapped leg.

Its good to get into DLR before you sit up for the single.

stretch a lot, being flexible and relaxed will allow you to get back to guard, I found that having a good guard is not only preventing the guy to pass but also being able to escape a pin and come back to guard and when a guy moves fast he's not as tight as someone slower, so while he is in the process of pinning you.....get out and get back to guard....just my humble opinion!

Punch him in the face - that should slow him down a lil bit ;)


How bout working on your own speed? Try using some explosive exercises for BJJ like Ginastica, power yoga or wind sprints. Something that will help you explode to counter their pass.

I use the situp guard and hook my foot to their shin and secure it with my hand around the back. Usually get the sweep after that.