Dean Lister and Mauro from Pride

Hi this is Dean Lister.

Last night I made a comment about Mauro commenting about me on my fight vs. Arona about a year ago. It is true I was upset at somethings he said but truth be told at that time when I fought Arona I was going through my own hard times that only a few people can relate to (only a few of my very closest friends know really) and didn't show my true fighting spirit (this really affected me). I PROVED THIS TO BE TRUE by evidence of my last showing and will continue to show this for the rest of my life until I no longer pyhysically exist. I feel that Mauro has greatly improved as an announcer and does care in a great way for the fighters involved in Pride FC.

I feel I may have been a little harsh on him from his comments about my fighting style during my match against Arona. I was insulted by the fact he said I seemed to be so "inactive" during my fight when I secretely had a concussion and found it hard to find my balance or even stand. Truth is I don't have a lot of experience as a commentator and it is true I feel that if I didn't have a lot of fight experience it would be difficult to see if a fighter is having a hard time ie-head concusion and diziness vs. being lazy or inactive.

I apologize for the heat I may have brought upon Mauro, another valuable asset to the world of MMA and the world viewer and new fan.

For the hardcore fan who knows me, you will know I am relatively known as a soft spoken or even shy guy who rarely lets my "true to the soul" opinion be known. I do consider Mauro to trully care about the fighters and their futures and someone who also trully cares about our great sport.
I know he is a true professional and has always supported our sport and is an asset to all the viewers who don't want to hear a boring commentator. I hope everyone understands my view and continues to support all quality events and all true and deserving fighters worldwide.

thanks for reading and supporting and most of all thanks for the support of all who have trully believed in me and for what I stand for as well as my fighting ability.


Dean Lister

Good post, very honest........Lister is growing....

dean your great fighter and great grappler the sky is the limit for you...Mauro is ok but he whines too much. some fights are boring and some are great but thats the fight game.

One of the highlights of the No gi Pan Ams this weekend for my student was talking to you Dean and giving you directions to the tournament!

Classy post. It takes character to apologize in a public forum such as this.


Thanks for your post, Dean. Very classy. It was good to See San Diego win twice in the last show and even Sanchez (hey, he has Diego in his name :-p).

"From: DeanLister
Date: 06/07/06 07:59 PM

Hi this is Dean Lister."

This part is funny. Reminds me of my friend, Rolando. My friends all have a unique ringtone on my phone and, even then, his name shows up on the call display but when I pick up, he's like, "Hi, this is Rolando".

Best of luck, Dean.

Classy post. TTT for the next UFC Middleweight champ

Dean, one of your students "Tim" talks a lot of shit about u bro. Not cool of him at all.

Glad to hear it.

TTT for pics of Dean's old lady!

poor matchmaking imo. When two great submission wrestlers like you and Arona face each other in a mma match, the promoter can't expect to see a fight with a bunch of wild striking and aggressive submission attempts. But a slow and methodical match like it was. Didn't bother me at all though, I enjoyed it.

great fight... nice to see someone force a sub from the bottom

Dean, one of your students "Tim" talks a lot of shit about u bro. Not cool of him at all.

This "Tim" dude is getting a beatdown, once he relinquishes my sunglasses.  But shhh--don't tell him, or I won't get them back.

Not hearing Mauro is the only good immediate thing that would come out of Pride dissolving.

Dean I really enjoyed your fight with Arona, it was a very technical ground battle which I for one appreciate.

I thought the commentating on that fight was very poor to be honest.


class act, dean... hearing criticism from announcers, especially those who did not have a professional career, has always been hard for any pro athlete (it's like the wife nagging without having the balls to know better)...

continue down the track you're on now, you're in a different league grappling than 99% of mma'ers...

good luck..

Very classy Dean. I enjoy watching you coach on TUF. Your fight with Sakara was great. You have a very bright future. Train hard and good luck.

Mauro is a fool...I want my Bas back!!....And WTF! do you call that triangle you used at 60 against Sakara??!!

What ever that was...It was a work of art Sir!

The ground is strong in you my Son!