Dear Boxing,

Hey, boxing. You and I are old friends so I will make this quick. We don't bullshit each other, anyway.

First of all, congrats on the Mayweather-DelaHoya fight. Great job, hope it continues to keep interest in boxing. I notice there are a lot of other boxing-related things on TV, which is great. As a combative sports fan, I am always happy to be able to flip channels and see boxing, kickboxing and mma. (Now if we could only get rid of that stupid ass hairstyle-sponsored musical karate shit.)

This is getting to the reason I am writing. You know I'm a fan, have been for years. I am by no means the biggest fan, or the sincerest, or the best educated. But I am a fan. But not only do I label myself a "boxing fan," I am a "combative sports" fan or a "fight fan." I like boxing. I like judo. I like mma. Et cetera.

I'm saying this because with this recent fight there was a lot of talk about boxing regaining some of the attention away from mma. Personally, I don't believe this is a problem - I think most fans of mma are like me, also fans of boxing. Personally, if mma is the fastest growing sport in the US today I think that can only mean good things for all combative sports. Wouldn't it be great to see, for example, BJJ and judo competitions on TV?

You probably don't think so, but I do. Anyway, I guess that's why I'm writing, to congratulate you and to tell you to ignore all that shit about "boxing needs to come back and regain market share against mma." Come on, man. You guys started losing prominence with the ascension of football back in the 60s, and you've been fighting that battle ever since. Having some crooked dealings and lackluster competitions hasn't helped matters (we both know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, talk to you later. Keep swinging.

Your friend,

Ogami Itto

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LOL. The point of my badly written post is that if MMA is rising, won't it like a rising tide lift all boats, all combative sports? Isn't what is good for MMA pretty much good for all combative sports?

And besides that, I am a fight fan but I am sick of the boxing pontificating. If boxing really gave a shit it would never have gotten in bed with the mob, fixed fights, showed works, had shitty fighters, and let fighters get punch-drunk and brain dead through mismanaged careers. It would also do more to promote recreational and amateur boxing.

Rise in popularity of MMA = rise in knowledgable fans of combat sports.

That's can only be a good thing for boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and all the other arts that make up modern MMA.