Dear Friends of TKO and Stephane

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's.

Now, it has come to my attention (...due to the 72 phone calls that I and Joe Ferraro have received in the past 3 weeks from Stephane Patry...) that "someone" is alerting him to the posts being made here on the Canada forum due to him (Stephane) not having "access" to the forum as he puts it. He also stated to me this afternoon ( phone call 73...) that he has been getting "...numerous calls from Mr. XXX, 2 to 3 times per day filling me in on what you guys are writing..."

Now, with this being said, I'd like to reach out to Mr.XXX and ask him to please not inform Stephane of what's being said here, as it's not supposed to be public knowledge. This was supposed to be kept a closely guarded secret *insert sarcasm here* It wasn't meant for him to see either *keep inserting sarcasm* And this has to stop as it might affect our credibility as known faces (...and voices...) in the MMA world.

Okay, now that the bullshit is outta the way let's get down to it. I received a call from Stephane...again, with him telling me that, again, it's all untrue what was being said in the thread that Liv from the UGC had made regarding him (Stephane) making calls saying that the UGC show was indeed cancelled. I was then told that " guys are dumb for writing that shit, and you know what, go ahead and keep writing it and supporting THEM, that's fine...*click* I was hung up on, not that I really give a damn at this point, are we supposed to support HIM instead ?

Incase you're new here and don't understand what's going on I'll explain. EVERYTHING that was posted by myself, SDJ, and others regarding what has transpired between us, the fans, the fighters and the managers is infact true, AND WASN'T EVER A SECRET !!! So, to the few (...if any...) that have been calling Stephane informing him of our posting, please, continue to do so. It saves me having to answer my phone for the 74th time in order to hear him bitch and complain, this way I'll simply rest easily knowing that he's been informed etc.

By the way, I was told that Stephane " longer has access to, I had myself banned, I can't access it on my computer..." Yet, "info@tkozone" IS INFACT Stephane Patry...and yes, I know this to be fact, not fiction. For 4 reasons actually:

1) Alex Caporicci posts under his own name.

2) Derek (Alexs' brother) posts under his own name.

3) Stephane is the only PAID employee of TKO, nobody else works for him right now, not including fighters and ring girls.

4) Will remain a secret as I like the fact that Stephane has people CLOSE to him that he THINKS he can trust...but shouldn't.

Do the math kids, it's really quite simple.

Merry Christmas,


Nice to see TKO is being run by a stable, down to earth sort of guy.

How can I get ring girls on my payroll?'re killing me man. He's calling to give you crap for supporting 'other' organizations?

Did I miss something here?

Yes Joe,

That is exactly why he called me, to tell me that I shouldn't be writing anything on posts regarding the if to say I still work for him perhaps.

...wait, or is it just the fact that perhaps I'm "exclusive" to TKO still LOL ?!? Either way it was good for a laugh.



Wait, wait, wait...

I received another call tonight, 75th one to be exact. This one was to tell me that It's not that I can't support UGC, but I shouldn't be writing false info/shit about him on the forum.

...when I start writing something FALSE, then you can call me Stephane, until then, I suggest you either pay me and Joe the money owed to us, or more things will be said here that hurts you even more. Not to mention the 2 TV interviews I have scheduled, and the radio interview...oh, and of course the 2 internet interviews coming up.

So, pay us, or suffer, the choice is yours. We can do this the easy way, or we can do it with a judge, my 2 lawyers and alot of paperwork for you.

Let's go, enough is enough.


Oh my!!!

(reaching for microwave popcorn...)

Oooh! I hope J.T. doesn't get further sick and fall into a coma forcing Showdown to come out of his alcohol fueled retirement as an M.D. to operate on him. That would force JHR to reveal the truth about his relationship with Chad's sister and the baby that Not Lettuce is claiming as his own.

lol @ JHR...

I think JT is going to put a dent in TKO...

LOL...JHR is getting better with age.


It'll take more than me and the others who have been screwed, but it will happen none-the-less.



email me if you get a chance...

my sisters honour must be left out of this!

Hey! Don't yell at me! I have nothing to do with this. I think though that deep down inside we knew that the baby was JHR's. Look at the size of the head.

I just can't wait until my suspicions are confirmed that MackDaddyFlexx and JHR are long lost twins.

Hey J.T., have you thought about a class action suit? With all the people Steph scewed (myself included), maybe we could band together and pry the money out of his conniving rat-talons.

What do you think?

Vigneualtfan, please.

I`ve been bending over for Canadian MMA for years. I've been working 20 hours a day to "bend over" for you guy`s and you don`t appreciate it. Would someone please just give me a spoon!Have a Merry Christmas

Are you two sure?

Look at the similarities!