dear mods

what ever happened to suspending or banning idiot arm chair morans for fighter bashing?

p.s i would love to see one of these little nerds tell ben rothwell or marj hunt that they are fat, fatasses, walruses....etc etc

if you sit behind a computer screen and talk crap about anyone in the ufc you are a complete waste human potential


You seem upset.

Im just sick of people saying hey this rule exist but whatever lets not enforce it.
anyone in the ufc is good, regardless if they gas. these kids on here have no respect. makes me sick

Are they not fat?

s98ronin - Are they not fat?


s98ronin - Are they not fat?

saying someone is fat, and saying "get that fat piece of shit off the ppv" are two very different things

fighter bashers should be banned

whatever. at least I was raised to have respect for people and to not talk crap behind someones back, let alone over the internet

MonsterBalls -
s98ronin - Are they not fat?

Big boned

Relaxed muscle Phone Post

Yea if fighter bashing makes fighters leave the underground it should be heavily inforced. Best part of the site is having them post Phone Post