Dear Phil Baroni

Dear Phil Baroni,

Mr. Baroni, I'm a fan of yours and I know you get bombarded on a daily basis with requests and I'm afraid I have one as well. My request is this, I have a four year old son who's at the stage in his life where he's mimicking what he sees on TV, he's shown a decent amount of natural ability as far as athleticism and wanting to beat some ass, however I had a bit of a chink in my plan of making him a killer when we bet on Tito beating Chuck this last time, for a couple months when my son and I would play fight he would say "I'm Tito, you're Chuck" and then proceed to GnP to the best of his ability, I would push out my gut and throw louping punches to the best of my ability.....Well, the fight came along and Mr. Ortiz got beat(I feel more like he got fucked by an early stoppage, but that's me)it fucked up my plan either way.

I guess what I'm asking of you is this, PLEASE beat the DOGSHIT out of Frank so I don't look like an ass in front of my son again!!!!

Thank you Phil,


TTT Do it for this guys kid Phil!


^^^dear Phil. can you pleas read this so i feel like we connected in some way?

Exactly! For the kids, Phil!

God Bless Phil!!


Oh man...Just the thought...That if Phil loses, this poor little darling 4 year old angel of a kid might never feel the joy of kicking the fucken shit out of someone, or properly choking some bitch unconscious!, or punching some douche in the balls!...The Horror!...He might even end up a working stiff! Or worse!...Could be a Lawyer or something!

You better win this Phil Baroni!...This is god's work!

Phil "The Holy Warrior" Baroni imo!!

turn him into buk@kke Phil!!!

Evilmaster, I know with your endorsement this thread will soar, Phil will hear our prayers and my son, no, OUR son will make it in this bitch of a world!


Don't worry Jope...Phil won't let us down...He loves kids.

After the fight he'll probably dedicate his win to little guy!...

Wipes tear of happyness from eye

You picked the wrong guy dude mark my words.

BTD, you are wrong, you are damn wrong!

EM made me RMFAO!! ROR!!!


If u don't like Frank Shamrock because he's a DOOSH, then UR rooting for the wrong guy to beat him.

Prepare for ur son to look at u like ur an idiot again.

Dear Phil, please do this.

And in your post fight interview please say:

"Phil Baroni does it for the kids, for the fucken' kids man."

you will be the hero of generations of young mma fans.

Let's go Phil! New Jersey is pulling for you!


I can see your playing hard to get, I will do the following:

  1. Take you turkey hunting every year for 10 years.

  2. Let my son say "Phil Baroni tought me that" after he beats some bastard child out of his shoes.

What say you Phil?


You cry cuz you know you are owned by bad asses such as my son. Boohoo!!