Dear Whitebelts and New Grapplers,

Please calm the fuck down and relax. Try one of the techniques the instructor taught you in the beginning of class instead of trying the camel clutch. These weekly bloody lips and nutshots are eventually going to get you in trouble with someone.


I agree. They are also unnecessarily rough especially with guillotines and gi chokes (while inside someone else guard).

to me nothing says newbie like "grip of death" completey with quivering arms and holding of breath..

relax fella! It'll be over soon ;-)

nothing a tight triangle can't fix.

Knee in the Stomach = Spaz Kryptonite

Haha, made my morning...

HODNEY, the preferred name is "knee on tummy"

I just had to vent...

I love the fact that the number of students are growing at the school, they just don't realize that the higher ranking student they are rolling with who they think they have in a dominant position and uses all their might to tap, is just practicing a part of his game and could choke the shit out of you time and time again and drive his knee into your belly hard enough to rupture your appendix if you don't calm the fuck down!


you can only try to help so many times...

of course it's expected the first month or so, but after that...

I hate having to go to work with a fat lip, black eye and bloody cauliflower ear because the superhero in class went apeshit.

"Do you guys think total newbs should be allowed to roll/spar?"

I think so, under supervision of the instructor or rolling with a higher rank.

I just turned 30 and have three kids and have started avoiding the bigger no gi tournaments specifically because of this reason. Submission Wrestling is becoming more and more distant from BJJ in my opinion. Very little technique, lots of take 'em down, hold, win. I'm sticking to the BJJ gi comps for now...


Did you say Camel Clutch!? That dude had your back?

I was thinking of a funky wrestling name...

I know...I was just picturing a new guy taking a guys back and cranking on his neck by grabbing his sounded pretty funny. :)

My personal favorite newbie move, aside from the grip of death, is "the Zombie" aka the double stiff arm. These newbies subscribe to the theory that if they keep me completely at arm's length, there's nothing I can do to hurt them. Therefore, at all times, when I'm sitting in butterfly guard, mounted, in side control, their elbows are in their fully locked positions, trying to keep me from getting a single milimeter closer to them. These guys will frequently do nasty spazz moves if you break down their stiffarms. I have been the recipient to several stiffarms to the face when I stripped their hands off my knees in butterfly guard. Not cool.

"I was reading through Rodrigo Gracie's "Path to the Black Belt" and he seemed to say white belts shouldn't spar at all."

i don't think white belts should even be shown techniques. too dangerous.

Knee in the Belly calms 'em down quick.

lol at scetches :)

At the academy where I train, you don't roll until you get your 1st stripe (2-3 mos).

In my school I make the n00bs focus on position so for the first month they usually roll live for position only. After they understand why position is so important they are allowed to use submissions.

that pass/sweep drill works really well. nice and controlled but still practicing your technique.