Death of a family friend

I just recived news that a close friend of the my family has died in afganastan. He was part of a Special Forces group sent out on patrol. Many were injured, he was the only casualty. He was a great man. Part of the elite Golden Knights out of Fort Bragg NC. He left behind a Wife and teenaged Daughter. It is sad for me to hear this news. I would not have expected this to happen to any one i know. So i write this as a for of bereavement, and a way to honor his the mane of a fallen Hero. The anger runs deep inside me. I want death for all the salyers and thier families fot the death of our soldiers. I leave all of you in the fornt with this. For MY brothers and sisters-I will never forget your sacrafice for thoughs who can't fight thier own fights.
I will never for get the sacrafice you made for me and my family.

Rest in peace

Pedro Antonio Munozs
Special Forces Green Brets / Golden Knight

For thoughs that wannt to place your remebered Fallen, do so. So that we all can say thanks for thier serves to thier country and the services to thoughs who can't fight for themselves.