death of Kobe

"An source tells editor Jeff Lenchiner that the Los Angeles Clippers think they have a real shot at signing Kobe Bryant this summer. Here is the info has received: The Clippers are actively trying to trade their second pick in the NBA draft. The Atlanta Hawks are very interested, as they want to draft Dwight Howard. The Clippers want to clear as much salary away as possible in an effort to sign Kobe, so if they do make a deal involving draft picks, they want at least "two bad contracts" traded away from their roster. The Hawks would give draft picks #6 and #17, and they'd get at least two Clippers players that the Clippers are happy to give up. The two teams have tons of salary cap space, so a deal of this sort is possible to work out. It's not known what other players would be involved. Kobe Bryant and his wife want to stay in Los Angeles, and Kobe is definitely open to the idea of being a Clipper."

lol, nice title

Kobe won't go to the Clippers, no good player would.

Clippers won't pay anybody big money!!

what better way for kobe to prove he can carry a team WITHOUT SHAQ n all star veterans than CLippers. ?!??!