Death rate will not increase

Dr. Sunetra

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Thank you OP. I have reported this video to YouTube.

Is anyone claiming the “rate” will increase? The point is to avoid having the infections all at once.

Not saying I agree with the policies…

MarcusAurelioFan -

Thank you OP. I have reported this video to YouTube.

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She was the one who had an alternative model to the one that convinced the UK to go lockdown route. Her model theorized that half the population already had the virus and thus the fatality rate was extremely low. Considering the UK’s death rate has been one of the worst in the world over the last several weeks you’d think her model would be largely discredited, but I guess not.

Now she’s claiming that the antibody tests are unreliable and that the true immunity rate is higher due to some genetic reasons or cross-immunity with other coronaviruses like the common cold. She presents no evidence for this, it’s handwavey as fuck.

She also says “in almost every context we’ve seen the epidemic grow, turn around and die away almost like clockwork” and “different countries have had different lockdown policies, and yet what we’ve observed is almost a uniform pattern of behavior”. What the fuck is she talking about? There have been vastly different curves in different countries. Korea, Japan, Sweden, US, UK, Spain, Germany, all countries that have had totally different experiences and are on different trajectories.

Yeah and the “experts” down at the CDC just changed their stance on the virus being contagious from surfaces. But listen to the experts even though they often change their stance.

Oh and breaking news, vitamin D may be a key vitamin in helping your immune system fight the virus. Because those of us with nutrition degrees never knew...