Got my epic flyer on beta:

Looks a lot better than the placeholder model that resembled somnething you'd find in a KFC dumpster...

 OMG he's right! I'm not really an orc! We're wasting our entire lives!

* logs on to WoW*

 "Who really cares if you have The Pantera Ax of Thunderclods! +48 to Stamina Jesus Christ guys, just quit now! I love you all, that's why i'm doing this. "

Theres a new Axe? FUUUCK renews subscription

I actually do look like an Orc in real life, but that's beside the point.

As for WoW addiction, remember that (unlike yourself) I exercise moderation and don't view the game as anything other than a fun way to spend time that would otherwise by wasted in front of the TV.

 The airships that are the only faction bases in IceCrown.




They slowly fly in a circuit around the northeast and are usually where you can't fucking find them (they only show up on your map when you get within 100ft or so). 

Level 80 now.

I can look forward to a month of casually screwing around with instances (heroics and 10-man Naxx) and doing PVP before the expansion hits and I get to do it al over again.

I'm not even sure which character I'll level, because they're both as poor as church mice...


 Your intervention posts, or the WoW grind?

Just cleared 2 heroics in under an hour.

The difficulty scaling needs work...