DeBlasio sends warning shot to the Jooos

De Blasio tweteed: “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.”

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Oy vey!


Not a democrat but he's right.  The Jewish community has given a big FUCK YOU to all the other Americans who are obeying orders.


Yeah why don’t you put a fucking Star of David on them too. 

These petty tyrants need to be tarred and feathered. 


The Hasids in New York are giving Jews a bad name. 


lol...they are "special" after and if you think not, well you are literally Hitler etc. Regardless, DiBlasio is a waste of oxygen!

Sonester Sambo -


Whats the angle on this? We know deblasio is controlled by ((())) 

Hasids vote Republican. No wonder de Blasio has them in his sights.




He better watch himself, we know who cuts his paychecks.

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jspeed -

Not a democrat but he's right.  The Jewish community has given a big FUCK YOU to all the other Americans who are obeying orders.

They’ve already been down this road. Never forget that muthaf*cka

No personal opinions on the content one way or the other but it’s the second tweet out of 3. It is worded & laid out badly but if you read them all together it doesn’t sound quite so much like neo-nazi propaganda. Check out the whole tweet @NYCMayor

Apparently the Hasids DGAF in NYC and are ignoring everything. It's a very NYC-only problem, so this quote is going to go over on a national level like a fart in synagogue. 


How fucking stupid does one have to be to not understand who profoundly ignorant that is?


Is it really the Jewish community he was commenting to, or did he want to say it to the Muslims because Ramadan just started, but he didn't want to call them out by name 

Are there a lot of Jewish coming down with CV19, I haven’t heard 

How is this anti semite a mayor? He should go fuck himself, he should be in prison. 


I think it's fine.

Maybe if you concentrate them all together in one spot, like they do with those refugee camps.


Ouch, I would say that this won't end well, but he is a Democrat, so all will be forgotten in a day or so. Also he in NYC, so he could probably be Hilter, and as long as there was a (D) next to his name they would vote for him...


Ignoring lockdown restrictions and then get called out for being irresponsible, play the Nazi card?!? 




This kind of shit really bothers me. 80 years later still playing the victim card. Fuck right off