Decatur Seminar


THanks T.


Greetings all!

Just thought that I would let you know that we are right in the middle of a 3 day tactical weapons control seminar with tony here in illinois. I thought I would post now, because if I waited to the end to post, I don't think I could write because my brain would be too full!! One of the things that I feel is unfortunate is that while many of tony's fans see that he is a trendsetter in the field of psychological tactics (which he is!) they often lose sight that his system is also chock full of kick ass physical tactics. I have always been a fan of strength and conditioning and methods to improve the fighter's strength, stamina, etc. So far, I have been in awe of Tony's approach to these topics and how he interweaves them into prudent tactical preparation. For example, today we talked about controlling the armed limb of an attacker. Tony blended the latest principles of muscular recruitment into the design of his tactics.

You need to book Tony for more of these seminars and pass on the word!

Tony, Bravo!