decent salty snacks for dropping weight?

as a followup to "rip my diet a new one" ( i was wondering what are some good salty tasting snacks to have? i've got fruit and raw almonds during the day- anything else that is pretty healthy to have between meals?

havent had bread in over a week (minus 2 pieces of pizza for a cheat meal friday), and am sorta craving a salty snack. any help is appreciated!

Fritos followed by a 2 hour run. Done and done.


"Back in 1989, the first jar of Green Mountain Gringo® Salsa was produced in the kitchen of Christine and Dave Hume at their Chester, Vermont farm."


Dude, i'm drinking bourbon out of of a GMG mason jar right now courtesy of ma famille down south.

And of course the salsa that used to be in it was hot :)


 so- whole grain chips and a jar of this?


 Dried mango slices. Tastes salty as fuck, so it's good when you have that salty snack craving, but it doesn't have any sodium so it won't bloat you out.

Pistachio Nuts.

Salsa is a great idea, but I'd go with a crunchy veggie instead of the chips -- carrots, celery...I've even used spinach leaves instead of chips.

Why not have both?  Try some veggie chips.

My grocery store was out of my regular salsa tonight, but something else caught my eye.

This is total win!  Thanks turducken and vermonter.

turducken - what kind of dried mango are you buying? any time i have it its really sweet

 Just the bulk stuff from the bins. Make sure to get the unsulphured stuff, that might be where you're going wrong.

Ring Girl - Salsa is a great idea, but I'd go with a crunchy veggie instead of the chips -- carrots, celery...I've even used spinach leaves instead of chips.
Grill up some pineapple and throw some spicy salsa on top.  It is seriously amazing!  I will however give a disclaimer that most of my friends think I have terrible taste!

umm.. I know it's not exactly health food.. but Smart Food popcorn isn't too damn bad..

"There's no free lunch" (or salty snack).

Very moderate consumption of nuts or chips might be okay, but the problem with most salty snacks is that 'a little' will make you crave more.

Who can eat just 9-10 chips and feel satisfied? Def watch your portions if you reach into the bag.

Celery w/salsa is actually pretty good.

air popped popcorn is also good, and you can control the amount of salt you use.

edamame with sea salt


baked chick peas w/ sea salt

they have to have this salsa in wester mass.

must find

Chuck Norris can eat just one Lays.

Some of the online grass fed beef stores have all natural little beef sticks and whatnot, might be an idea. I've had the ones from, they're pretty good. Phone Post

 The reality is that you can eat any food (salty or otherwise) while losing weight, as long as calories out exceeds calories in. I have gotten shredded eating bacon and eggs, hotdogs and sausages, salami, beef jerky, varied salted & roasted nuts, etc. If you control your over all caloric intake, you can really eat anything you want.

Mike Mentzer used to eat ice cream and othe crazy stuff while in contest prep mode for bodybuilding championships. He still came in ripped and solid.