Decision 2020: The Official OG Thread

A little more than 4 months from now America will be faced with a choice.

Do we re-elect a vain, narcissistic blowhard with no ability to lead, or do we put our faith in a senile, perverted geriatric who's had 50 years to make the world a better place and has failed?

Trumps response to the Corona virus and the protests have been an abject failure. Biden has chosen (perhaps wisely) to remain largely on the sidelines. As a result Nancy Pelosi is our de-facto leader, proudly declaring that 'George Kirby' should not have died in vain!

So yeah America is leaderless. But not to worry!!!!

November is just around the coroner!

I voted for Trump last time out but to be perfecty honest I now believe that the closest Trump will ever be to a leader is to be a cheerleader, and that's not what Team America needs. We need a Quarterback baby!

So I'm on the fence now OG-who should I be voting for? Should I stick w Trump? Should I go with Joe and hope for the best? I need help and I imagine I'm not alone. There have to be a lot Americans just like me...wha say you OG?