Decision announcement screwups..Whose fault???

Last night two critical screw ups were made. One judge gives it 30 27 Bisping and they say it's Chael 30 27. Then they screw up the Maia decision announcement. Is this the judges miscommunicating it, someone in the middle or Buffer himself? I doubt it's Buffer and I'm sure Dana is not gonna put up with mistakes like this from Zuffa employees so is it someone from the commission?any clarity on this? Phone Post

 I did notice Buffer called Michael Johnson "Dennis Johnson" when he announced the win.

^ he said Michael "Menace" Johnson

The fault lies in the current MMA rules. These rules are a horse designed by committee, which nobody likes. Takedown scoring is a joke, knees to the ground etc, and a laundry list of bullshit compromises, makes for an abomination. Essentially, unless the fight is ended by the ref, who knows what's gonna happen.

Also, we have a 10 point scoring system that's completely inflated. Like some retarded pinball game where you get 10000000 points for just launching the ball, you never seen anything below 8 points used. Might as well have called it a 2 point scoring system.

I'd like to see the entire system redesigned from top to bottom, really.