Declassified dogfight footage F-14's v Libyan Migs

A short documentary on the engagement of 2 VF-32 F-14As from USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) with 2 Libyan MiG-23's on January 4, 1989 over the Libyan coast.

I think this video may have been recently declassified. All the uploads of this footage are from the past few days. So badass - Love F-14's!

Awesome, thanks. Phone Post 3.0

love how its all calm and generic talk back n forth.

then shit gets real and f bombs start dropping.

Hot damn those Migs were closing in FAST. They go from 70 miles out to 20 miles in like 2 minutes. Insane. Must be freaky to be a pilot in that situation.

"I don't have a FUCKING tone!" (I pictured the guy from Independence day saying that, haha!)

I love when you can hear the tone go off. SICK!

That was cool Phone Post 3.0

That shit was intense. Phone Post 3.0

It's an amazing combination of technology, professionalism, and pure balls. The saddest thing I ever saw in the Air Force was a fighter pilot who was forced into a desk job.

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So damn awesome.

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Fascinating to watch that, thanks for posting it.

They picked the wrong fight. Phone Post 3.0

I counted seven times the migs adjusted to reengage. You can hear the pilot's breathing pick up as things get hotter. Scary for them. Phone Post 3.0

Sub for later. Love dogfight shit Phone Post 3.0

Call Kenny Loggins Phone Post 3.0

Intense! Phone Post 3.0

Wasn't there a thread awhile back about an OG'r whose dad was involved in a dogfight very similar to this? Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

Gee that pro voiceover at the front doesn't come of as propaganda at all.