Deeeetroooooiiiiiit Basketball!!!!

They should just call it now. The Pistons are going to win it again anyways. Sorry to all the people who like the other teams, but you'll have to settle for second this

This forum has been missing a diehard piston fan since raw dawg left.

There's other teams to root for in the league besides the Pistons?

The bangwagons are filling up, everyone jump on before its too late.

Oh and most of us are fans of western conference teams so we are not impressed by detroit beating up on what amounts to a bunch of D League teams while the west juggernauts rip eachother to shreds.

CKB - finally another person who understands the concepts of basketball. Quality post.

Isn't that what they make Brita filters for?

I love how KindPud bases his entire arguement that the Suns will go down easy to the pistons on one regular season game. What a fucking clown.

The Suns beat your team in Detroit and your team beat the Suns in Phoenix.

"I'd personally LOVE to see the Suns try to beat the Pistons with that weak ass style they play."

Id personally LOVE to see the Pistons try and stop the Suns offense effectively in a best of 7 series. You think C Webb is going to be able to contain Amare? LOL.

"This forum has been missing a diehard piston fan since raw dawg left."

God damn bro, that is one of the most foolish things I've ever seen you post, bob. Raw Dawg was even worse than the current ones we have here due to him showing up when the Pistons were pretty much IN the finals and then not saying shit until the next years playoffs and eventually disappearing for good when they got bounced by the Spurs. BUT he TYPED all crazy SO YOU probably mistook THAT for A PUMPED UP hardCORE Pistons fan. That he was not, ever.

"The Suns beat your team in Detroit"

No webber. No Billups either I think.

The Suns damn near beat the Pistons in detroit last year with no NASH. Should that be used to make my case?

What Im saying is one regular season game, no matter the outcome, done not determine how well one team will do against another in the playoffs. Shit even teams in the same conference that play four games dont necessarily tell the story of how a series will go.

KindPud will pay for his overconfidence.

I can't believe I'm saying this...Floppy is Correct!!..LOL!!


Floppy I may have been using irony in my statement.

lmao!! bobowned

"OK, loser. I don't know where you come from"

I am from phoenix and I know what pud means douche, but as far as the rest of the shit you posted I could give a fuck how you take it, but I have seen this focus on homo eroticism in you before with other posters and Ill tell ya it is not normal.

"In Phoenix both teams healthy (Billups out after 1st quarter). Detroit by 20 +. This was a little over a month ago. "

Leandro Barbosa was 3-11 (1-6 3ptFG) for 8 points. Flip Murray had 25 on 12-16 shooting. Neither of those things happen very often.

"Amare is overrated. "

Amare has mediocre games just like everyone else. Ironically when you say he was "exposed" he STILL put up 24 15 against your vaunted defense. To say he is overrated is fucking stupid. He produces huge numbers against the best centers of the world (including former piston Ben Wallace). Dont expect to contain him for more than a game or two, just like the suns offense wont be contained.

"You again! STOP USING THE NAME OF MY PUD IN VEIN!!!! That probably went over your "head", retard. "

You are incapable of outwitting me on an intellectual level clown, one because you are a fucking cretin and two because you are from Detroit.

"I'll be suprised if it goes 6."

Fucking idiots never learn. May the forum curse smite you with swift justice and righteous fire for your insolence.

"Don't try and fuck with me you Phoenix nuthugger."

I will do what I please bitchass, and I dare your fake hard, posturing Detroit mentality to fucking stop me bitch. You are a fuckin clown and are living in the past (IE a dreamworld this season)

"When and if (and thats a BIG if) your team ever wins ANYTHING, then and only then will your monkey ass be allowed to enter into a discussion concerning CHAMPIONSHIP basketball. "

Fuck you. If the bulls bounce you in this round you will be a fuckin ghost as always. You are as predictable as the Piston's zone defense. As long as I have posted on this forum I continued posting after the suns lost because first and foremost I love this game. You are a nuthugger who is nothing without success.

I guess I gained some clarity by being a fan of a tean that has never won ANYTHING. Its easy to back a winner fuckmook.

"What is so unbelievable.."

More stupid nonsense from a tool who pretends to value "facts" and "statistics"

"It's just a matter of time before your big meltdown. "

Ive had plenty of meltdowns in my life. Im ready. but I dont expect to see you at all after june when you are gulping down a forty-five caliber vessel of truth.

LOL I was pretty drunk when I posted that last one, but fuck it I stick by it.

"Sure thing retard. I'll just reach through your computer monitor and "stop" you from posting. 12 year olds shouldn't drink. "

lol@ talking like you havent HUMILIATED yourself with belligerent ramblings on this forum. You are the last person to judge when it comes to posts made under duress.

"I basically said that I was wrong about my team and they had to make some changes or they wouldn't win the title again."

And you promptly disappeared. Big deal you made your meaningless speech and left.

"Whatever loser. It'll be Pistons-Spurs again. The Suns won't make it. They will choke as usual. "

The suns do alot of things but choking is not one of them. you are a fool.

Have to agree with Maddog even though he is the current enemy.

You always disappear when your team loses dude. And Suns have just got beat by better teams, they are not chokers. The only time they came close to choking was against LA last year and they manned up and won it.

"As far as this ghost bullshit goes, anyone that was here last year when the Pistons got beat by the Heat knows that I made a long post about the loss. I basically said that I was wrong about my team and they had to make some changes or they wouldn't win the title again"

I guess it was someone else using your name who posted those excuse threads about how you only lost b/c of the refs?