DEEP 2/12 - Imanari vs. Maeda

According to Sports Navi Japan:

Masakazu "Master of Leglock" Imanari will battle undefeated Yoshiro Maeda of Pancrase Inagaki. The bout will be the main event on the 2/12 "Deep" card.

Both fighters are extremely popular. Imanari actually holds a victory over Maeda from a grappling encounter some years back. The promotion is building up a revenge angle in this full MMA match up.

Aside from his outstanding ground game, Maeda is best known for his quick heavy handed KO power.

Imanari is one of the most popular submission fighters in Japan, and truly deserves the moniker of Master of Leglocks.

Should be a great match up.


great fight, im going with Maeda by tko, round 2.