Deep cleaning Tatami Mats

For those of you guys who train in gyms that use tatami mats. Has your gym ever done a deep cleaning to clean under the mats every few months? If so, what are some good products or solutions to use to clean under the mats to kill the gunky stuff that gets underneath and builds up over time?

Yes, we do. A dry vacuuming first will help get a lot of the hair and debris once you move the mats. You can use a steam cleaner to get all the undersides and edges of the mat. There’s cheap ones on Amazon. Or, Simple Green is a very safe cleaner. I don’t like using something like bleach because it’ll dry and re-activate once wet again. Or, use what you use for normal mat cleaning.

We make our own cleaner with concentrated hydrogen peroxide, water, orange oil, and a little soap.

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I ended up using diluted cleaning vinegar. prevents mold from forming in case it isn fully dry

what do you mean by bleach drying and re-activating again?

I don’t like using bleach to clean mats because it dries to a salt. You have to use clean water after the bleach or you end up having bleach crystals that will dissolve on sweaty clothing or people. You’ll bleach students’ training clothes and it could burn/aggravate their skin. I prefer to use a cleaner that requires no after-cleaning and can just air dry.

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