Deep Frost

re-speccing Deep Frost tonight. Always been a fire mage but they say Frost is best for PvP. This build is pure PvP with no mana saving talents so I will be sucking water like a madman but should be able to dish out some sweet damage and stay alive longer then I would with my fire build.

Mage Talents
Minimum Required Level: 60
Required Talent Points: 51
Frost Talents - 51 point(s)

Improved Frostbolt - rank 5/5

Ice Shards - rank 5/5

Frostbite - rank 3/3

Improved Frost Nova - rank 2/2

Permafrost - rank 3/3

Piercing Ice - rank 3/3

Cold Snap - rank 1/1

Improved Blizzard - rank 2/3

Arctic Reach - rank 2/2

Frost Channeling - rank 3/3

Shatter - rank 5/5

Ice Block - rank 1/1

Improved Cone of Cold - rank 3/3

Ice Floes - rank 2/2

Winter's Chill - rank 4/5

Ice Barrier - rank 1/1

Empowered Frostbolt - rank 5/5

Summon Water Elemental - rank 1/1

lol. it is quite possible that u are right. i may be easy pickings tonight as I am not very experienced with a Frost build.

summons a water elemental to fight with my mage for 45 seconds. the elemental supposedly deals 200 dps (45x 200=9000) while out and has ranged frost nova's.

Homie, go buy yourself some nice frost resistance potions. When he goes to root you with frost nova just drop a moonfire DoT on him, shift out of it, warstomp/heal, and have your kitty cat shred him. Innervate, rinse and repeat.

bah. i'm sure he will be fine without that stuff seanster. no one hides and avoids fights better then homie ;)

lol...went deep frost. tried it for a few hours then spent 15g and respecced back to fire. lol. i know they say frost is best for PvP but I love the burst dmg you get with fire :)

Fire hurts

it does. maybe i am just not giving frost a chance, but i dig the big dmg.

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Le Shat

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