Deep moral decision

So a few weeks ago I ordered a Dominos pizza (yeah, its not great… but I hadnt had Dominos for a few years)… and they end up taking damned near an hour to deliver. Now, instead of tweeting corporate and trying to enslave the OG, I just wrote it off to maybe it being a busy day.

Anyhow, I got an email a few minutes later where Dominos apologizes for the experience and offers either a free medium pizza or 20% off the next order. I do the logical thing and select the free pizza.

Well about a week or so ago, I cash in that free pizza (I think you only have 30 days) and again it takes 45-60 minutes to be delivered. And again, with not prompting, I get an email apologizing and offering me a free pizza or 20% off. I go ahead and select the free pizza.

Fast forward to today and I’m stuck on a 2 hour call over the noon hour with our legal team and a vendors legal team and decide to cash in that free pizza as I had no chance to cook anything.

Wouldn’t you know… another 60 minute delivery and another email.

At what point do I stop accepting free shit and just delete the email? I think getting two free pizzas is probably plenty (well other than paying delivery fees and tip) when nothing was wrong with the food (arrived hot, wasn’t an abomination).

What say you, OG laureates? Would you keep cashing in or what would be your cut off point?

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If they want your money they’ll be on time.

Sounds like a computer generated thing though.

I’d keep rolling with the free ones.

Or… make a bigger order at a time when you have people over or something, and use the 20% off.
Maybe they’ll be on time withbthe larger order, and your “moral delima” will solve itself.

Avoid the Noid!

80s the noid GIF

80s pizza GIF

Fair opinions.

I’ll redeem one more and see if its basically an infinite pizza loop.

Is an hour a really long time for pizza delivery? How quick are people expecting pizza to be brought to their house?

Serious question, I never order pizza…

I’m guessing 30 minutes?

Wasn’t that the old marketing thing… 30 minutes or its free?

I just assume any delivery service is going to take an hour

…with left beef

Rub one out and then see how you feel.

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What do you think I was doing while waiting for the pizza?

And while eating the pizza?

I delivered pizza as a kid and even slammed busy if it took an hour to get there something failed hard. 30 minutes is reasonable unless there is some kinda massive traffic fuck up.

Pizza ovens work fast and a good pizza chef has that shit cooking VERY quickly after seeing the order.

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I’d say within 60 minutes. I guess it depends where you live though.

Should never take longer than 30 minutes.

I heard the unofficial policy is to spit on the free pizzas.

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Domino’s huh? Pretty low rent pizza…didn’t PJ do a whole thread about one of those?

Sounds like you just got FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE! Keep it going indefinitely.

If they are offering it, and you’re just accepting the offer, you have have a perfectly clean conscience.

If you were calling them up and complaining about it and berating them into giving you a free pizza, then I’d say your abusing their goodwill, but that’s not the case. They set up the program, you’re using it exactly as intended. Maybe one day they will get it to you on time because they’ve realized they keep giving you free pizza and they need to change something, and that improves their overall service to other people as well.

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After tweeting corporate and dropping off his pet disposals in their dumpster, that is.

Napoleon said it best:

Never interfere when your enemy is making a mistake.

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