Deep squat question?

I've decided to really start squatting deep, my project for this summer is to get as strong as possible so I minus well be able to do it through a full range of motion, right?

So what does my back do? I know it should stay straight, but does it pivot at the hips? I would think so just in the name of keeping the load centered and balanced, so if I'm right, how much do I lean forward? Thanks a lot.

I think you mean "so i MIGHT AS well."

Anyway, back should remain flat. You can lean forward enough to maintain balance. It sort of depends on how big you are and what your flexibility looks like.

Give some serious thought to box squatting. It will help you develop the strength to stay upright. Touch down for a second, make sure your form is perfect, and then ascend.


You won't be leaning forward too much (depending on what you mean. Main thing: back must stay straight. If you let your chest cave forward, it's bad form and could be inviting injury. Here's a good article for squat form:

I'm not sure, as I can't see you squatting, but you have to make sure that your hip area is sitting down and back. If you try to drop straight down in a squat, it feels like you need to bend forward. Don't bend forward w/ your upper body. Chest up, head up.

Have your feet shoulder width or just a 'bit' wider.  NOT TOO  WIDE.

Feet pointing outwards just a bit.

Lower down slowly.

Your body FITS BETWEEN YOUR LEGS at the bottom.

Keep back STRAIGHT AS POSSIBLE.  A bit of a lean forwards isn't such a problem, just don't round your back.  Keep your chest nice and big and up.

Look ahead of a  bit up.  Just don't look down.

As long as you keep a straight back and stay strong it is good.  You can build up good weights easily in squats pretty quick if you haven't gone all the way to the bottom before.


Thanks for the tips guys.

"I think you mean " 'so i MIGHT AS well.' "

Doug, you really should check out the OG more often, lol

That's an excellent article, BTW.

what does your back do? Depends on the type of squat.

Power squat emphasizes sitting back as much as possible (big emphasis posterior chain)

High bar or olympic style - sit straight down and track the knees to the outside over the toes, toes slighlty pointed out.

Front squat- different bar position obviously, but knee tracking basically same as high bar

we also have zercher, ohsquat, one legged squat, hack squat.

As i said above it depends on the type and type of qualities you want to emphasize.

thank you
Coach Hale

Keep your legs wide , youll feel alot of it in your ass. One thing. Please start with very low weights and warm up very good. My knee still hurts after 6 months cause one day doing overhead squat I didnt warm up. No that knee hurts even when I run, really sucks bor