Deer season 06-07

rifle season starts the 18th here. what about you?

depends on the species...

Already took 1 Mule deer with the muzzleloader and 2 more on monday with the rifle.

No mule deer here in ms. i was talkin about whitetails. where are you from wheeels?

Sask. (Western Canada)

rifle for whitetail doesn't start for another week in the area where I hunt.

Firearm deer season starts tomorrow here in MI.....I'm on my way in 5 more hours.

Where ya headed astra?

Good luck.

I've had alot of work commitments. I am trying to get caught up asap.

hopefully heading out sunday for firearms...taking my 357 for the first time. no rifles allowed here.'re a lucky man to be able to hunt in Sask. My buddy hunts there at least once a year & always tells me that he'll pass up a nice 200+ lb buck to get the avg size...which he states is about closer to 300lbs...EACH YEAR!

Lucky guys!

ya, Whitetail (and Mulies) are both huge here.. not sure if it's genetics, diet or something else. big bodies, but especially the real thick necks are the norm.

check out some from this outfitter's photo gallery.