Deer won this shotgun season...

Saw one and missed him 3 times. First shot hit a small tree in front of me and then I ruched next two shots. I could have shot again but thought better of it.

Muzzleloader starts tomorrow...

Where you at? Indiana here.

I thought this year would have been good, worked too much thyru the summer to even get out in the woods. The crops got picked real early thanks to the early rains right at the perfect time. I figured this would put more of them in the woods rather than hiding in the corn.

Wrong. I saw less deer this year than ever before. The nut trees all dropped their nuts early, hardly anything green at all in the woods thanks to the summer drought. I passed up some does the first couple days holding out, a couple small bucks.
Ever since seaon ended the deer and most all the other critters are hanging out in the picked fields and staying naroud the edges. There is just nothing to eat for them. Not looking good.

There wre some active scrapes, one large one right on the 4-whlr trail on the way to my first spot. I had a squirt bottle with fresh doe piss, from a deer farm bout 10 miles from here. A little "strange" piss on each scrape as I wlked to and from. They tore em up, but never saw shit. A couple trees one of which I cant put both hands around, shredded up to about 5 foot.
Took my son12 and nephew 6 out towards the end. Went in the woods 30 yards to the first scrape, it had just been hit and cleared off. I pointed it out to the boys and squirted it. We walked about 20 more feet, and bedded down about 40 feet from us, on the other side of the fence/property line, was the biggest fucking deer I have ever seen in the wild, and in most pictures. First, it wasnt technically on my property by about 20 feet, it happened so fast, my nephew said out loud "look at the deer!!" , I said "ssshhh" , the deer turned its head to look at us, and bolted. I noticed it looked like he was carrying his front leg funny...went over and found a small drop of blood and some white hairs.

About 4 days later my father-in-law was back there out of the blue, and said he saw the biggest deer he had ever seen chasing 3 does.

So ... Im hoping he is there still next year. His rack reminded me of a longhorn... it wasnt real tall maybe 12 inches, but it just went straight out from each side then turned up. Looked like a perfect rack, real white big tines, either 12 or 14 point. His body was massive and very dark color.