Deer's, Beer's & Spear's

here's hoping the guy or his friends don't get drunk
enough to grow testicles and come looking with a deer a drunken state anyone in a utilities
uniform might serve as a target.

During deer season up here the red necks get a little wild. I had to go to a house to do a power shut off. While in the process I was getting verbally assalted by 6 drunken red necks. To begin with a have a 0 shit tolerance. On this day it was 0 minus 100. This big fat Fu who I picked out as the ring leader was calling me a little fu faggot. That was enough for me. I turned to him and told him to shut his fat fuing mouth. This brought him of the porch with a beer bottle swinging at my head. I moved in with a tactical spear and layed it into him. His chest caved in and he lifted about a foot of the ground. Then I was on him with all guns blazeing He went fetal so I stoped. His buddy's on the porch went stone cold sober. They didn't want a piece of me. I told them to go Fu themself's and left. The moral of the story is pratice the spear untill your doing it on the shitter! Later T.C.

A SPEAR a day keeps the bad guys at bay :-)

Tom! Reckon we know who was the windshield that day. OK Buddy. ;-)

Er, Tom, I think the verbal de-escalation portion of our training was misinterpreted.... :-)

On a tactical note, I think what is important for readers here, is to realize how skilled & experienced Tom is, with an extensive background in boxing & kickboxing and other street oriented training, yet he defaulted ot the SPEAR System for this real life aggressive counter-assault.

Ponder please....



Verbal defuse F--- Verbal escalation A+++ :) Later T.C.


If your asswhippin of the ********* didnt represent my alter ego these days, I'd have more to say about it.

So in keeping with the holiday SPEAR IT, let the universe unfold [doom on ass****] and let us all remember there are times when the verbal defuse comes 'after', which it did in this case...



THIS IS GREAT,Tom's stories never cease to amaze me!!!

I feel like the little candy ass, Tom is still getting in brawls, I have only been in 1 my whole life back in 8th grade!! hehehe Mybae Im just a great de-escalator!

Matt, In my mind it is nothing to glorify. I only posted this story to let everyone know of the effectiveness of the Spear. And how even to a trained fighter it is as tony stated a natural responce. I used the tough guy language so the reader could get the sense of the emotional climate at the time of the incident. To all you readers of the mental edge out there. Learn the Spear system! Get Tony or one of his PDR team mates into do a seminar. Lets all do are best to make the world a safer place. Later T.C.

I wish I was there! How did you report the no-lights call back to your dispach center? No lights after the encounter and stars! Cause of the outage - big mouth!

The "Country Bumpkin" strikes again,
See you in two days, Man!

I hear you Tom, I was being amused in my sick way of hearing of a good guy being the one doing the punishing.

I agree, someone with your experience, and SPEAR is used...excellent example

Zeke, As Barb (my wife) reminds me. "Maybe some day you'll grow up and just walk away!" There is a lot of wisdom in those words! Have a safe trip back from Hawaii see you soon! Later T.C.

i got to believe that fat red neck will think twice before harassing somebody may have taught the whole group a valuble lesson.i am glad that i am not the only one that reverts back to the past on occasion.may all of us who write and read here have a blessed and safe holiday.

it sounds like messing with you is about as smart as messing with matt at the atm machine early in the am.

Its a sad reality that people believe there is no consequence for their behavior. If this were feudal Japan, people would be more polite.



Hey TC, it sounds like this guy picked the wrong grisley bear to poke at with a short stick!!

Tony, If you be the wolf I'll be the little cub! G-bar, love your post keep them comming! For G-Bar and all you other LEO boy's out there this guy had a rap sheet a mile long! Later T.C.

lol@trisrus- that shouldnt be funny, but it made me laugh