Def Jam Fight for NY

got a chance to play it last night, and it was just great, great graphics, great controls and moves are nasty. Finally in a wrestling game there are healthbars specificly for certain body parts you're attacking, legs, arms and neck. Crowd helps you beat up your opponent or give you weapons to beat on him some more.

I'll have to play more, but so far it was worth getting it.

I finished it. It's okay. Aki's Virtual Prowrestling 2 game for the n64 is still better. It's slower, but has better MMA gameplay. There are no health meters, but characters get tired and slower as they get injurred. The pacing is a bit slower and there is more strategy to the gameplay. There seems to be more counters to power moves than in Def Jam. And the KO system is more satisfying. I still remember some of the 40 minute 4 player battles we'd have during lunch at work... good times.

VPW2 is the updated version of the NWO, WCW and WWF games that Aki made. They don't have the exterior environments to fight in, but they do have 2 modes of fighting. Pro wrestling and an mma mode. In MMA mode you can set how many rounds you want, how long the rounds are. You can have rope escapes or no rope escapes. You can use a point system like old Pancrase and Rings rules. There are also 3 types of fighters you can use. Pro wrestler like typical wcw characters. Shoot wrestlers which are more like Goldberg in WCW Revenge (grapple has a strike combo system). And MMA fighters who use the double leg takedown as their strong grapple. VPW2 is probably the best game for people who want a game that has the best MMA feel.