Defence Unlimited website

At last - the long awaited Defence Unlimited website is up.

It's still a work in progress, there's a lot more to go on there. Any constructive comments appreciated!

Excellent work Rosi!

It would be easier to read if the hyperlinks were in another color than the navey blue either red or white would be excellent.

Otherwise it looks great.

changed the colour of the links

keep the feedback coming


looks good,

i have a higher quality pic of the gorilla
please send me an email

and i will forward it to you.

'bout time ;o)

Great stuff Rosi.


everybody says thanks Rosi,

what about chief monkey? i'm feeling all left out.

Please note if you have any objections please speak to Rosi.

Clinch video out soon.

Details will be on the new site

(please don't laugh at the blatant advertising)

lots of love

I've seen your typing bro, and all props to you, but that website is all Rosi's work. ; )

Karl (what happened to 8 track?) Tanswell.

No worries, I am in the same boat. . . .now where is my son, I need him to turn on the dvd player?

-Matt Thornton


you are that old that you had to use an 8 track?

No, I saw one for the first time at your house, remember?

PS: what's up with all the Captain and Tenile tapes. How many times can you really hear muskrat love anyway?


ahhhhhhhh, Captain and Tanille is a must have for any audiophiles collection! With tracks like "you better shop around" and "love will keep us together", can you say timeless classics?