defense against a knife

i know some will say to run and avoid it and get a better weapon and all that but im asking about 3 specific defenses

1 the (arm grab, wrist grab, israeli reference point stuff)its verry hard for me to pull this off without being cut or stabbed i know its a given that ill be cut if i dont run or get a weapon but has anyone had success with it?

2 the low level shot - like a low single leg shot then stomp saw it in a vunak and corrigan article
this works well for me- im training with ppl that cant fight well so i dont know how well it works against trained ppl

3 the knife avoidance exeercise(jim wagner) works for me if to escape or get a weapon but not terminate

The arm grab can work, but it typically works best for me when they've grabbed with the free hand and are trying to do a sewing machine attack. (Make a V grip with your hands, overlapping your thumb and pointer fingers, drive into their elbow hard). Look into the dog brothers video "Interface of gun, hand and knife" for the dog catcher, which works pretty well.

Shooting low = a great way to get stabbed or cut on the back/spine/lungs repeatedly

Avoiding the knife is always the best option.

Look up Michael JAnichs Counter Blade Concepts and The dog brothers interface videos, both work well when you start going live for knife defenses.

just my $0.02

what about the krav maga/haganah punch n grab

if you're talking about this:

I've never been able to pull that off in live drilling before, If I didn't know that a low line stab attack was coming in, I couldn't get hte black in fast enough, which resulted in me getting gutted. When I did know the attack was coming, I always got "stabbed" in the lungs when I tried to redirect to the outside without using my opposite hand to trap the arm as well. Same thing with these defenses, I could see the knife sliding down the arm into the lungs pretty easily, even with the punch landing. I've tried variants of this before, and found they didn't work often enough for my tastes.

From my experience, Michael Janich and The Dog Brothers have very good material that works well when you start going hard. (I haven't seen any of Demi Barbito's stuff, but it's supposed to be very good as well).

The best thing you can do is get a few friends/training partners. Get some rubber knives, pad up and play around. Try the various defenses you know and can find, and find any holes in them and figure out what you can to to patch them up. Have your partners throw realy attacks, and let them keep on attacking. The place most knife techniques fall apart is the follow up. Most defenses show the attacker simply stopping and leaving their arm out after thier first attack. The first time I padded up and treid my knife stuff, my attackers kept on coming, and I found that most of the stuff I knew was total crap.

always carry a firearm or blade or runnin shoes