Defense doesn't score points

Much like blocking a shot in basketball, a goalkeeper making a save in soccer, or a tackle in football... defense doesn't score points, it Prevents the opponent from scoring.

People need to stop acting like sprawling on a takedown scores points. What it does is prevents your opponent from scoring points on the takedown. While in some cases this is a trivial distinction, in other fights it is very important.

If a fighter is just covering up to avoid strikes, backing away and sprawling to avoid takedowns or just hanging on to avoid subs then they are doing a good job of defending themselves... but not doing anything to score points.

A winning fighter should do all those things AND mount an offense.

If you can avoid the takedown then you are imposing your will and dictating where the fight takes place.

yes, but only in that teh fight is taking place where it would have if NEITHER guy did a thing...

so if you attempt to a takedown and other guy counters, the guy who attempts is up on points...

otherwise you'd be better off just standing in your corner the entire fight and waiting

Even if you do consider stopping a takedown to be worth as much as attempting a takedown, you still have to give the person who attempted the takedown credit for trying to finish the fight.

Defending your self does less damage and shows less aggression

yes, but Diego or Matt Serra trying a takedown...or Liddell stuffing a takedown IS trying to finish...

context is important, you are right, and in this case, the person is known for takedown, pass, GNP/submit...

stuff and merely jabbing is not trying to finish, that's all I'm saying, so attempting a takedown and getting stuffed is greater in that case

"Defense doesnt score points"

niether does ineffective offense. Somebody please tell me what Diego did in the first two rounds that would make him winmer of those rounds. He attempted takedowns so that makes him the winner, I dont think so. He difantely took more punishment standing.