Defense question

I did not know what to name my thread...

Legal troubles. One year ago my dog a pit, bit another dog. Freak accident. My dog is never off leash. Another dog in the building that barked at anything that moves at all times comes out of front entrance. Somehow my dog's spikes came off. Never happened before, my dog has never been off leash either. The other dog's owner all of a sudden threw herself on top of her dog. My dog was sitting. Next thing i know my dog went over to the woman and i guess he thought that it was a game or something. Anyhow. The other dog got half of ear bitten off. Woman had bruises on elbows and knees, from lying in the dirt and she was wearing shorts. My dog let go of her dog. She got up and walked her dog. Cops came no one was arrested. She was taken to hospital. Her dog to the emergency vet.

We pay bills as they come. this accident happened with someone else from my family walking the dog. Same day of accident the other dog's owner, the woman, went to work. She refused to speak with anyone but me. I met her a few times to pay the bills, as they came. In process i learned that she had been hit by a car in previous years. Has been on welfare and was able to go back and visit her country using visas while on welfare. Has not been able to work due to her condition- depression. Has therapy and takes paxil. Last time i saw her she told me that her husband beat her up and she lost her job because of us. and said she wanted more money???

one year later. we get served with a suit for suffering and damages. she has lost teh ability to enjoy life etc etc. no mentioning of me. she blames the person that walked the dog for not trying to protect her during the incident, not true. she said that hte person that walked the dog paid the bills. not true I did, got proof: visas and copies of bills which i made her sign. she refused to see the person that walked my dog on a few converstaions on the phone... catch. she is suing the property owners for having a dangerous dog etc etc... she is suing us for keeping a dangerous dog, mind you in canada there is not list that i am aware of, that lists dangerous breeds. Also the day that this incident took place was the same day we closed on our house. So, the lawyer that i have wants to look at the insurance policy of our house. But i dont' want my insurance involved! She wasn't bitten and she is a fraud. Now i get a call from my insurance agency about having a case against us about a dog bite? what do i do? the suit is for 50k canadian. and is against three parties, 'we' are one. I am not even mentioned in the suit.

I don't want to touch my insurance policy! She was not bitten at all. In most cases that i've heard that there have been people bitten by pits the pit usually gets the pound and the owner is arrested. No arrests at all. She had no life before this and now she is trying to get money. I betyou she is on dissability tha ti'm paying for and has a night job as a cleaning lady at nite (unde rhte table). she has no kids, her husband is divorcing her.... ufff

Any suggestions? Thanks for reading. Sorry had to vent. Man these days everything is just hitting me left and right...



$50,000 Canadian? What's that, like $1.25 American? Just give it to her you cheap bastard.

Seriously, I am not a personal injury lawyer, but it sounds like she's running a scam to me. If you're notnamed in the suit, then she is not suing you. It's a bit unclear from your description who was walking the dog. Assuming that you get involved, however, if you don't get your insurance involved, her attorney probably will try to get them involved. Plaintiff's lawyers like to sue insurance companies, as they are more likely to get something out of an insurance company by way of settlement, without having to go to court.


Thanks for the response. The whole family except me, is in the law suit. Person who walked the dog is a fam. member.

cheers and thanks