Defense wins championships?

I've been seeing a lot stuff about how San Diego is the most well rounded team, so I did a little comparing. This is what I found for offense and defense.

San Diego: 1st in Points Scored in NFL/ 7th in Points Against (In AFC: 1st PF/6th PA)

I found it interesting that:

Patriots: 7th in Points Scored in NFL/ 2nd in Points Against (In AFC: 3rd PF/2nd PA)

It's nearly reversed with only the Ravens having allowed less points and the Patriots appearing more "well rounded in the AFC". The Ravens are a push for all intents since they allowed around 30 fewer points but also scored around 30 fewer points than the Pats.

Ravens: In NFL: T-12th in PF/ 1st in PA (In AFC: T-6th in PF/1st in PA)

Not confident the Pats will go far in the playoffs, but I found the numbers interesting.

Ravens, Bucs, Pats, and Steelers...i'd say defense wins championships

so what you're saying is that the Ravens will win it all. That's what I think too.

Possibly if they can manage to score points on another team with a good D.

Bears - Tied for 2nd in Points Scored (427), 3rd in Points Against (255).

bears vs ravens in the Sb would be fun to watch.

^^^ Bears v. Ravens = yawnfest.

Bears played mostly in the NFC though... Really can't compare the two.

Really can't compare the two.

So do you subtract all interconference stats when comparing AFC teams?

Are you that much of a homer that you think a comparison between the two is a good idea?