Define a good church

I´ve read in another thread one thing that made me think.

What do you consider as a good church?

I´ll think more about it too, and post an answer later.

I personally don't attend a place of worship (except for funerals), since I don't like them. But here's how I would judge one:

- Are the preachers (whatever title they have) intelligent and knowledgeable? They should know the scriptures like the back of their hands, and have enough intellectual power to work with them (rather than just regurgitating them). They should also be extremely well aware of the religion's history, and the nature and details of the key historical sources.

- Are the preachers fanatics who like to blow stuff up, and/or make bitter attacks on others (gays, Jews etc.), or are they decent people?

- Are the majority of the congregation decent people?

- Does the place serve the community in any way, or does it regard the outside world with disdain?

- Is the atmosphere friendly, cold, or cultish?

- Does it have a load of cool relics and stuff, in case you get attacked by vampires? :-)

" Are the majority of the congregation decent people? "

I would say that the leaders must be decent people...

But what I´ve seen in most churchs I´ve been at, in several denominations, is that the congregation is ill somehow... Because they are the patients that need the spiritual healing, do you understand it? So it is not exactly "the majority of the congregation".

All should be welcomed and the Love of God should be felt.

yours in Christ


I'll add: lots of community events and an encouragement to examine your beliefs.

4 words:

Hungry Man Communion Wafers

IT should be a real community, living and eating
together. Everyones gifts should be utilized not
just the leaders. It should be egalitarian, and
accepting of all. It should be concerned with social
justice. It should not be a separtist movement, but
rather the love for each other should be lived out
amidst their neighbors.

the rev

Church should make people feel welcomed and wanted. It should preach the gospel unashemed, and the whole gospel. Then community will be something the develops.

Preach Hope and Jesus in the bible's context, one that I open the bible to what the Preachers talking about and it is in the bible!

Yeah I agree with DonnaTroy over the 'are the congregation decent' part.

- My church is filled with ex-prostitutes, sickly and some very weird people. But Jesus loves them all!

- If the church gets too big, good cell's/cell leaders.

I think that churchs should be small to medium size, in a sense that size would not create too many managing problems, and people could know each other easily.

a good church will have

fellowship - among it's believers

discipleship - from evangilism to deep theological to ministry training

worship - an ability to worship communially (is that a word?) and stress individual worship

outreach - overlaps with discipleship but needs to be a distinct part of any good church

leadership - strong leadership

hummmmm... not sure if strong leadership is good... it is very easy to abuse power...

mmmhhh..abusive leadership does not equal strong is impossible to read the new testimnet and not come away with the biblical structure for leadership and order.

maybe a quick run down of what strong leadership is will help

1. a Christ based vision
2. biblically sound
3. men of faith
4. men lead by the spirit
5. praying men

i use the word men but in alot of cases women can be substituted depending on the situation

What pretjah said. I'd only add, that the people should be encouraged to be REAL. Save the facades, masks, and costumes of perfection for Halloween. And the environment/group/family should be SAFE. Did I mention discipline? It needs discipline as well. I guess, good leadership and fellowship will handle discipline tho.