Define "creonte"

Hello my brazilian jiu-jitsu friends,

There is a term used in BJJ called "creonte", could you guys explain this term to me and it's meaning, thanks...

I predict a hundred-hitter on this one.

i think it means traitor

The term actually comes from a character in a brasilian soap
opera and I beleive Carlson Gracie first used it to descibe a
traitor.Then grappling magazine did a acticle on the word
and it became more widely used. Basically It is reffering to a
person who trains at various schools and dosent stay loyal to

I agree with the defn's above, my instuctor explained that it meant like a snake ( I guess because it is cold blooded ).


thanks guys, I had heard it was Carlson who coined the term but wasnt sure..

Feel free to add more if any of you have any more insight..

Creonte = me.


Yeah Im a creonte too! I love it.

how would you say it?

MM: Half joking here... You know my loyalties.

Creonte = me


Creonte (cray-onch): One who jumps ship to another team. One who bounces around from school to school. Brazilian schools make a big deal about this and take it personally if you decide to train somewhere else (in addition to or instead of- their school).

Usually only applies once you get your bluebelt. That's why it's the only belt that has such a wide range of abilities.

Creonte: See, I think if you're paying your dues at one place, and you leave it, you're not a Creonte.

But if you roll from place to place, taking the free lunch, well. There are a lot of people out there rolling from free lunch to free lunch.

LoL @ me pronouncing it creee-ont-tay...Learn somethig new everyday..My portuguese blows...

Kai, I was joking dude.

The word sorta looks Cajun/Bayou-ish, aye?

I think I know a few..

yeah, it always reminds me of the word creole too...

Does anyone know more about the soap opera characture?

Creonte is actually a character from the Greek mitology.