Definitely join the NRA. But consider CCNYC too.

Now that we once again find our rights being threatened by the left, it's a good time to support the pro-gun lobbies that are out there. The NRA is by far the largest, but James of the CCNYC, or Cleanup Crew NYC, is also putting in work. Consider donating to their PayPal, because its faster and has less fees. If that doesn't work, you can donate to the gofundme. At $10k in donations, you know the cause is worth it!

Im an 11er so when i say this is legit, believe me, this is legit guys. You heard it here first no bamboozle here! Just look at the join date! Ive been here years! Why would i ever lie to you guys? I already donated privately because its less hassle. But just trust me, i donated. Legit cause. Send money thanks. 


And if you doubt this you are a faggot and an awful human being. 

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