Definition of Amatuer MMA fighter

Amatuer MMA fighter: Noun - Person stupid enough to fight for free.

LOL, this was my first "amateur" mma fight, I take nothing back. Back in 2001 where there were no weight limits and limited rules. Guy was 40 lbs heavier than me. It was fucking cool to have fought in that era.

Woop'in Ass!

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It's not stupid when it's the only thing offered where you live.  And building up experience to have a better career is good as well.  Not too mention that there are too many PRO Fighters who don't train, don't take the sport seriously and don't have the dedication that a true Pro Athlete should have. 

There's good and bad to both sides, imo. 

LOL at the pro's on here that are 1-0 and walking around like they were an extra in the Piledriver video. Did the $100 you make pay for gas and Arby's?

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I think it's time for guys to wise up and demand payment from promoters. Even $100 bucks is better than nothing.

Zero skill with a huge ego. Most even pay the promoter to fight.

After they fight the chip on their shoulder gets 10 times bigger.

The rules are ghey as well. No kicks to the head in ohio.


True, as I'm getting sober now, I have a buddy who refuses to fight without getting paid. I think that's good, because back in the day to even last month, we go out to these things and make no money.

"Did the $100 you make pay for gas and Arby's?"

Ummm....I never fought for $100, and anyone who does isn't much smarter than the guys that fight for free. My point is, something is better than nothing.

I agree that if you fight Pro, you need to be paid well enough for it.  Not $100/$100.

I think it's ok too that a person with a green name on here is 1-0.  There are a lot of people that may only have one Pro MMA fight but have years of other combat sports experience.  But I agree, there's no need to hot shot around here. 

Who is 1-0?

Not sure.... just making a point.

I have had 4 amateur fights in ohio.

I do fight for free, but I look at it as a chance to gain experience and to get my ass kicked a few times without fucking up my pro record.

I intend to take my pro career seriously. It would be stupid to take a pro fight for a few hundred bucks and get fed to someone else who has a manager or promoter behind them to build up their record.

This way I can take all the fights I want, even bad match-ups for me, without worrying about regretting it later.

Someone should explain why the 1-0 pro, who took a fight for a quick $100 and doesn't intend to fight again, deserves a Green Name here, and I don't.


Good post!

LOL at the people who have no understanding of the difference between amateur sports and professional sports.

Perhaps all amateurs boxers are just so stupid that they fight for free.

If MMA is to become a legitimate sport then there needs to be a black and white line drawn between the am and pro levels. Until then it's all a circus.

LOL @ the guy who fights as an amatuer, for no pay...but gets the results reported as a pro fight.

I fight as an amateur its good for experience if you are serious about the sport. I have no respect though for the guys that have 5 or more fights and stay amateur. The rules are gay last week was my first fight in Ohio and no head kicks, elbows anywhere, and knees to the face completely sucks. Thats why i like to fight in ky, the follow ufc rules.

driving 2hrs to fight for free = love of the sport.

the irony.. you're complaining about not getting paid (an Amateur - a guy with a day job) and then complaining because they can't elbow or knee to the face? Make up your minds guys!

i fought ammy, AND I'm a 1-0 pro. FUCKERS. LOL ;)

who the fuck is a Sean McCorkle anyway