DeLaHoya Mayweather 24/7

What a well put together show...  Fantastic buildup to this event...

From what I see...  DLH is gonna take it.  Mayweather has got too much baggage around this fight and he is not 100% confident.

Your thoughts?

immortal technique is the name of a peruvian rapper from NY

Mayweather by decision is the obvious choice, but I hope DLH takes it


well..seems as if oscar gets nervous whenever P.O.S mayweather runs his mouth and belly bops him...

he's not a shit talker as we can all tell..and hes not quick to come back with words...

i almost feel bad for him...he does look nervous.


i really hope oscar wins.

ill take UD mayweather

All the bullshit with Mayweather and his father and Uncle and his insecurities and having to show all his cash all the time etc...  is gonna grind him down.  DLH is gonna take it.  I've never seen anyone train so hard.  And let's not forget the great tactician and trainer Freddy Roach.  DLH.

enjoy the last good matchup in boxing for a long time. sucks really.
mabye the mma surge will get boxing to step up and do something so that we can have fights like this to enjoy regularly instead of the "big one" every 6 or 8 months.

"#3. Spnins v. taylor is a good matchup also, ay 19th."

The Miranda/Pavlik undercard matchup is way better than the surefire borefest that Taylor/Spinks will be.

Cotto/Judah is very interesting, and Margarito/Williams will be a non-stop tornado of punches.

"All the bullshit with Mayweather and his father and Uncle and his insecurities and having to show all his cash all the time etc... is gonna grind him down. DLH is gonna take it. I've never seen anyone train so hard."

Despite his insecurities and turbulent personal life, PBF has never let it affect his career. He deserves respect for that. He is ALWAYS in shape and ALWAYS fights smart. I hate the guy as a person and find him incredibly boring, but he's got mad skills. He should win by boring UD.

if you actually believe this will be Oscar's last fight, win, lose, or draw, then I have some oceanfront property in Vegas to sell you. Oscar has been talking retirement for YEARS and is always seemingly approaching his last fight. He's still only 34 and doesn't have much wear and tear on him. He'll continue to fight once a year in a big fight for at least 3 or 4 more years, mark my words.

If he loses this fight to Mayweather, expect a rematch with Trinidad next year. While that fight wouldn't be as big now as it would have 5 years ago, it would still crack 1 million buys. DLH is also a businessman and he knows perfectly well that the best thing for his promotional company is for him to continue fighting in high profile fights once a year.


When is part 4 coming out?

"#1. there is a Marquez v. PacMan rematch in the works. If that goes down it'll be fight of the year.

2. Cotto v. Judah..... This will be the telling fight for where Cotto is headed, and should be a great fight.

3. Spnins v. taylor is a good matchup also, ay 19th.

4. and for nostalgia sake it will be good to see Hopkins fight Winky Wright."

You can also throw Calzaghe/Kessler in there that needs to happen more than any fight, which I would rather see then this Saturdays fight. AMericans needs to realize you aren't the be all and end all anymore.