DeLaHoya vs. Hopkins

2nite its Fight Night, Who are you guys picking? and why?


I'd love to see DLH pull it out...

how long until the fight begins?

Hopkins by ko in the 8th or 9th round.

I'v been waiting to see Hopkins whoop up on the Golden Girl for years.

Hopkins by 'I ain't been beat in 10 years' type slaughter.

Oscar on a gut feeling.Against everything I feel.Just a crazy gut feeling!!!

Nard will punish Oscar for 12 rounds, but lose a controversial decision.

Oscar wins a close decision.

I don't know if Oscar's last fight was a fluke or not but he got BEAT by a nobody. He "won" a decision, but that guy whupped his AZZZ.

Unless this is the fight that Hopkins fights "his age", Hopkins is going to beat Oscar about the head and neck for 8-10 rounds before the ref stops it.


Hopkins is like a brick wall, no way will the golden boys pitter patter punches hurt him, I see it being quite an ugly fight with De Le Hoya not looking so pretty at the end.

Hopkins in a boring late TKO or snoozer decision.

Anyone know where I can see it in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area?

DLH's "pitter patter" punches?

I didnt know Hopkins is 39, dam! I guess he may be past his golden days and not peaking at the 40ish years like Couture (how many do?) but still, he's had a long, consistent career, wow.

Gotta go with Oscar though. Still so many that dont give him the credit cuz hes got hos and $. How can you not respect Oscar for taking this fight?

And Hopkins too i guess for fighting someone like Oscar so late in his career (well DLH does bring the coin).

Great fight, stoked, go Oscar.

a bloodied Oscar is TKO'd mid to late...That's my guess. anyone remember what Hopkins did to Trinidad???

"DLH's "pitter patter" punches?"

At middleweight they are, im not a fan of these great fighters moving up in weight because they always loose that power, speed that they had at the lower weight. Just do a Hopkins and stay at your prefered weight division, clean up and retire.


Anybody know who is fighting on the undercard?

I'm a big De La Hoya fan, and think he doesn't get nearly enough credit for who he has faced (and beaten), but I would be flat out shocked if he can take Hopkins. Bernard should just be too big, too strong, too good for a guy who has moved up in weight as far as Oscar. Oscar may be superior to Tito, but I expect the same result.

Anyone know the exact start time of the fight?