Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Im curious as to what muscles you can get sore after a workout. For instance i can always get my chest and leg muscles sore. But my shoulders are never sore the next day after a really hard workout. Anyone have the same problem?

I'm pretty sore everywhere when I train. When I'm using my prime movers for one exercise, the opposite muscles are really tensing for stability.

For example, yesterday I did clean&jerk and flat bench.

The clean and jerk hit my shoulders and legs...but my forearms are EXTREMELY sore today (stabilizer).

The bench hit my chest, delts and triceps...but my traps are tight and sore as heck also.

My neck hurts, my inner thighs hurt, etc.

Use your stabilizers intensely, and you'll be sore everywhere.

That is funny 4ranges, I rarely get sore when I train.

Now the only time I get sore is when I perform a lift I have never tried, or have not tried for a long time.

But I am wildly happy I can hammer my legs with squats and I do not have to limp around two days later....

This is speculation, but your shoulders may not get sore because they are used very frequently and are used to a high volume of training.

I think pretty much any skeletal muscle can get sore. Have you ever felt that wierd ab/neck soreness after a 24 hour bout of vomiting from the flu?


I feel sore from the muscles I worked hard after a long break or just worked hard that day.

It usually doesn't feel much when I am in full training and don't miss a session.  But if I miss one or two sessions it isn't *so* bad but if I miss 3 sessions I get owned by the gym.