deleting extra OS, please help

Ok, i'm running windows xp home, i tried to install a program called HyperOS 2003 v.6, which allows multiple Windows OS to run on your cpu's HD partitions. Anyhow, I screwed up somewhere along the line, and installed XP Pro on the same drive. Now, I just want to delete XP Pro from my system. How do I delete an extra OS on my sytstem.....PLEASE HELP ...thanks...Mike H


Ouch. That sounds messy. I'd guess that you need to kill everything.. I'm not sure how cleanly you can go about removing an OS that was installed right over top another one.

TTT for a better answer.

u have multiple OS on same partition and in same reg

hahaha, sorry to laugh man, but alot easier to format and reinstall

Yeah, you should have used VMware or virtual PC. I have heard nothing good about that hyperOS


do what jerkie says, easier that way.

btw, how come i don't see you at jeff's anymore? this is ron...