Delicious brisket is delicious

First attempt. Smoked for 7 hours. Wrapped in Waygu fat and cooked at 225 for 5 hours then a 2 hour rest. It came out excellent. The rub is really good and that fat has made it tender. I’ll make brisket again shortly and improve on this effort.


Looks great.

Looks good dude.

Hi bro.

Awesome. Next try a longer rest. I was shocked what an 8 hour rest will do to it. Night and day.


Stro! Man that brisket looks fire. I need to try my hand at smoking.

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How many lbs?

Make a stuffed potato.

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My first thought

Let me get them burnt ends!

lol. Not a brisket guy, don’t know anyone who is. I heard the burnt ends are the best. Q’Doba offers brisket as a filling, tried it and it just seems like shredded beef. The suburban white people version of barbacoa.

9.5 lbs

The real MVP. Inject and slather this on any smoked meat and you can’t go wrong.

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I had read you asking for pics. It came out delicious. Next time I will keep it out of the smoker longer and see if I can control the temp better. Longer wrap. It was delicious but bordered on overcooked but was extremely juicy due to all the fat injected. I have been taking a break from cooking because all of these food things I was doing helped me put on unwanted weight again. lol

Tallow is my new favorite cheater ingredient. I’ve been making it every chance get. Saw that you bought some. It’s really easy to make. Just throw your brisket trimmings in a stock pot and cook it down on medium to medium high so you don’t burn it. Also, cut them up into small pieces to get the most yield.

I made the mistake of chunking it. Needed smaller pieces.

Just had the Wagyu burgers from Costco
Pretty damn good for frozen burgers

That brisket looks intense, well played OP

Yes Prowler…Never chunk it