Delima, Need LG Opinions.

Ok, I have a young, fairly attractive assistant. She is interested in criminal law. She is good at her job.

A while ago, she said she wanted to start interviewing my "in custody" clients. Well, here is the problem, she has more in the way of figurative balls than common sense. Some of my clients are violent offenders. Rapists, pedos, pimps, drug dealers. The whole 9 yards. At any rate, she wants to go an interview this one guy on a probation violation and he is a fucking rapist. I went over the rules with her, tell the guard to keep him shackled, handcuffed and leave the door semi-open. If you even think he is going to start shit, stab him with your pen, scream like hell and try to get the fuck out of there.

I still don't feel comfortable with it. I am thinking about pulling back on some of her interviewing duties. I just don't like putting her in that situation. I know she will be pissed. Her opinion is "I am going to be an attorney so I am going to have to do it one day anyways."


If your concern is purely danger, then you're being overly paternalistic. If she is going to be a criminal attorney, defense or prosecution, she's going to be interviewing crooks. For all you know the guy was arrested by a female officer or guarded by a female guard.

If you think she might push their buttons or something that might agitate them, that's different.


pics or ban.

Fuckers! I didn't put anything in the thread title that was misleading. So no pics!

Too bad for you guys, she is really kinda hot.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with pics or ban.

we cannot make an accurate assessment of the risk without pics

I can just see it - some poor schlub goes to scratch his nose and gets stabbed in the eye by your assistant.

Oh yeah, pics or ban.


Shaz - I'll email you a picture as long as you promise not to post it on here.

bflex you government hack! Share your evidence with defense attorneys, don't just hand it over to the State.


I give you my word as an officer of the court (seriously, I won't post it).


So where is it?


Let her do it. She's going to have to learn how to do it some way.

Oh yeah - pics fucker!

Sorry shaz! Hit me up with an email and I'll reply it to you. I lost my contact list when I switched computers.

Let her do it. And email me pics, too.

Not a good idea, IMHO. Listen to your instinct on it. From your original post you thought it was a bad idea. Gut reactions, I have found, are very often the correct response.

yo flex... shoot me an email of her too.

Does she know how to spell "dilema"?

JackShimp - Probably.

Probably the same chick that outed me when I applied for a job.