dell extended warranty worth it?

dell just called to asked if i wanted to upgrade my dell labtop warranty.

with rebate it comes out to $194 total for 3 years warranty (adding 2 years) and 3 years on site repair. is it worth it?

Never bought one for my desktops...never had a Dell desktop, so not sure if they have common problems.

Never bought one never had a problem. I have 2 desktops, 1 laptop and one server here, all Dells.

For laptops, I think it is worth it, especially if they're having some special deal. If a laptop breaks, you generally can't fix it yourself.

Andrew has caught the correct!

Dell's desktops are usually solid

Most warranty calls I got were 1st year (which is a given)

To be honest, if I did see anything past a year, it was hard drive issue, then to floppy, then to motherboard at last.

Mind you, that this is the hardware side of things. I got mostly stupid software calls.

Coming from a broadcast engineer:

Extended warranties are never (statistically) worth it. Especially for computers, which are out of date before the regular warranty expires, anyway. That's why retailers sell them; they're guaranteed profit.

If an electronic device has something fundamentally wrong with it that would apply to a manufacturer's warranty, it's almost always going to show itself in the first 30 days.

The only exception is if you're using the product daily for a business & the warranty entitles you to an advance exchange. & of course my opinion differs when we're talking about mechanical devices, e.g. vehicles.


In the 1-2% chance that you do need it for hardware failure, it is kind of nice, imho.

And if you are just an idiot that messes up the computer, its nice to have tech support there. Otherwise, blah.

Their warranty support is worth the computer's weight in gold. While writing my thesis in another country, a doofus visitor dropped a lamp on my Dell laptop while it was booting & killed it. After Dell figured out that I still had an active warranty originating in the US, they sent a tech TO MY APARTMENT to do an on-site motherboard replace. Saved my life. Cost to me = $0 plus no heart attack.

You don't buy a Dell because it's cheap. You buy it if you value rock-solid support. There are somewhat snazzier lapotps out there, but few whose support you can count on more than Dell.

Saved my life.