dell laptop problem?

i have a dell lattitude c840 i bought it used about a year ago it has never given me any trouble until now.

my wife was using it today and she said the battery went with it plugged in it seems to be stuck in the suspend mode with the power light on and nothing happening.

i have tried holding the power button down all it does is turn the power light off.i have tried taking the battery out and nothing.
any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance.

do you hear any beeps or movement from the hard drive?


stephen the hard drive does nothing.i just came from where i bought was 18 months ago it looks like the board died :(

would it be cheaper to replace the board or buy another used unit.they have alot of dell and a few ibm.
they are offering me some credit twards another one. - 8k any advice on which one to get