Delson at Gracie Barra

Does anyone know anything about Delson/Delsen at Gracie Barra.  I just watched the 2005 Pan Ams and saw him beat Galvo and was wondering about him.

D?lson ?P?-de-Chumbo? is Gracie Barra, i guess you mean him?

I think your talking about Pe de Chumbo. World Class competitor in MMA and BJJ. Very strong, good takedowns, did alot of capoiera when he was younger. Hes from Gracie Barra Pittbull. I think the schools up in the mountains in Teresopolis. Tons of tough guys from that school. When I was in Teresopolis they had vale tudo on the front page of the newspaper and jiujitsu tourney results in the sports section.

Yup that's him.  Delson Heleno.  Here he is on Sherdog: