Demarco Murray or gronk?

Seems like most experts have gronk higher. I know te is weak this year and Murray is in a committee but I am having difficulties choosing gronk over Murray for my keeper... Phone Post 3.0

if you are in a keeper league i imagine a bunch of people are probably keeping running backs so you should probably stick with murray. There are only so many running backs with value in the league so you are best off sticking with him. Gronk is probably the only TE that is going to put up those type of numbers he did but there are plenty of decent TEs that will do the job in later rounds of the draft.

Gronk Phone Post 3.0

Everyone knows how good gronk is. With Murray he could have had a good season last year just because the offensive line at Dallas allowed him to. Interested to see how well he'll do in philly and if he can not fumble the ball so much. So yeah gronk all day Phone Post 3.0

Gronk, and it's not even close.

just to be clear I can only keep this year

Tough decision. I'd personally go gronk as demarco has weird injuries. Phone Post 3.0

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gokudamus - just to be clear I can only keep this year
In that case it's a toss up imo. Standard scoring league? Phone Post 3.0


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clevelandkid - Demarco Murray had almost 500 touches last year. Usually 400 is the kiss of death for an RB.

Also, besides Clinton Portis and Marshawn Lynch, I can't think of any elite backs that did better with their new team than the old one recently.
Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis. Phone Post 3.0
Justin forsett

Gronk! Phone Post 3.0

i could also go chris ivory in the 12th round....